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Cheryl Garcia
office: 303-232-1736
mobile: 720-371-1736
fax: 303-253-9286

Cheryl Garcia provides identity theft, legal services, and consulting solutions in the Colorado market. “The benefit that we provide helps employees with everyday situations… it provides them a resource to help them NOW… today I received a call from an employee who did not get their tax refund because another person in Chicago was using her husbands social security number… yesterday I received a call from an employee whose father had passed away without a will and she did not know what to do… this benefit is a resource for employees and gives them strength to deal with everyday life events. I love helping people.”

Cheryl Blum Garcia, is the Vice President of Group Marketing for Colorado. She works with employers to provide two of the most requested voluntary benefits: identity theft and legal care.


By offering legal and identity theft services to employees, employers find that their employees have less absenteeism and are more engaged in their work.


Ms. Blum Garcia has 15 years of experience in the learning and training community and has developed customized training programs for employers. Past-President of ASTD Rocky Mountain Chapter


In the last seven years, she has developed identity theft and will workshops for employees. She currently is the product trainer for the State of Colorado.

Ms. Blum Garcia has a Masters degree in Human Resources from Webster University and a Bachelor degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

Cheryl is a member of the West Chamber serving Jefferson County, the Society of Hispanic Human Resource Professionals SHHRP, Boulder Area Human Resource Association, the Denver Chamber, and Enterprise Wheat Ridge.

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